Compound Bows and Crossbows For Hunting

Compound Bows and Crossbows For Hunting

Learning to become proficient with a compound bow isn’t a difficult process and, with the right amount of practice, one can reach a reasonably good standard within a couple of weeks. Generally speaking, it’s advised that the beginner should practice with a compound bow rather than a recurve bow, hunting crossbow or traditional long bow. Moreover, it requires less strength.

Compound bow comes with eccentric wheels or cams on the lower and upper limbs.

You need to give the maximum pressure while drawing the bow to the full extent and that is called draw weight. The cam that allows the compound bow to be drawn fully with a fraction of the draw weight and that fraction is called the let off. The let off of average compound bows is between 50 to 80%. In brief, you need to use the full force of draw weight, but instantly the draw weight falls off to the let off fraction when it is fully drawn (contact me to know how).

Compound bows are available both for the right and left hander. If you are a left hander, you should choose a left-hander compound bow to get a better result. If you use a lefthander compound bow, you will have to use your left eye and that will be dominant. According to the expert advice, you should focus more on the dominant eye rather than hand while buying a bow. Use both of them and choose the one that is more comfortable and helpful.

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The bow weight also plays an important role. The minimum draw weight needs to be 45lbs, the Barnett quad 400 crossbow review, for example shows that this crossbow weight is much more. You might able to kill a deer with a weak bow weight, but you will be ended up with many wounds. Most hunters use the bow with 50-60 draw weight. You will be able to shoot comfortably and successfully if your draw weight is high. A high draw weight comes with a flatter arrow trajectory and that helps in the shooting. While buying a draw weight, you should choose the one that you can draw easily and comfortably. Remember that a draw weight can show a different attitude after sitting in a cold tree stand for an hour.

So, you need to make adjustments while shooting.

Another important factor is the length. The perfect draw length is the one that brings the bow string to your lip when it is fully drawn. Currently, bows are coming with adjustable lengths so that you can adjust it according to your requirements. The average bow length is 28 to 30. The draw length will be changed while changing the attachment of the cables. So, it is always suggested to take the help of a technician to perform this job otherwise the bow will be damaged. If you buy a bow from a reputed store then the seller will set the bow according to your needs. You will have to pay at least $200-600 for your bow there.

If you are a beginner you can buy a used bow for the practice. It is available within$50 to $150. Before buying the bow, you should try different bows to get the proper idea of the length and weight and choose the one that suits you most. To make the proper adjustments of length and weight, you can take the help of a technician of any sports store.